Visitors will make walks through footpaths in whom will be able to appreciate the natural beauty of the environs.  The walks are carried out in company of a tour guide who instructs the visitors about the preservation of the place.  The level of difficulty of the walk can be chosen.


Being in an area of humid tropical forest, visitors have the opportunity to observe an abundant variety of own exotic plants of the region: like birds of paradise, gingers, Ethiopian lilies, among many others. There are also a variety of begonias, lilies, and a diverse amount of orchids.

For those who love animals, the ecosystem offers diversity of species of birds like the woodpecker, toucans, parrots, parakeets and some other characteristic species of birds proper of the region.  Also different species from butterflies, insects and variety of small reptiles can be observed.  

Some special mammals live in the park among like the Tepezcuintle (Agouti paca) and howling monkeys.

SPELEOLOGY    (Scientific study of caves)

The park counts with more than eight caves, each one of them with uniquely different characteristics.  The visitors have the opportunity to see incredible cave formations and to learn about their origin and how these have formed through the time.       

HYDRO SPELEOLOGY   (Sailing in underground water)

One of the main attractions is the route of 2 kilometers of underground river in which the visitors will sail in the Candelaria River and will live an unforgettable adventure.

In this route, besides to experience the absolute cave darkness, also there are two naturally roofed and illuminated swimming pools for those who wish to swim or to relax in the water.


This cave complex, is considered a site of spiritual convergence for the old pre-Hispanic inhabitants, reason for which, it considers an archaeological site and sacred place of the Mayans.
Visitors will discover the influence that the caves had on the Mayan civilization and why they were so important for his religious activities.

Inside the caves, one is scattered authenticates Mayan crafts, which are product of the religious rites of this old civilization.


  • Wear closed toe shoes such us runners, hiking boots or swimming shoes
  • Dress comfortably with short or swimsuits
  • Consider bringing and additional change of clothes to change into after tubing. 

Tour duration: between three to six hours.



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