LOS NACIMIENTOS is a private natural reserve which forms part of the marvelous NACIONAL PARK CAVES OF CANDELARIA.
This complex of caves is considered the spiritual birthplace of the Mayan world.
The book that recounts the creation of the world as the Maya religion, The Popol Vuh, describes this place as access to the underworld, where the twin heroes of the establishment fell through an underground river and fought with the demons of Shibalba and then reborn as gods.

Private reserve LOS NACIMIENTOS, offers visitors the opportunity to experience an authentic trip to the Mayan underworld, navigating through the legendary underground river that led the souls of the dead towards Shibalba, in search of immortality.

With an extension of 95 hectares, Los Nacimientos offers singular tropical ecosystems harbouring great quantities of unique species of flora and fauna. 

This area is located within a natural space that must be conserved; due to its characteristics tourism is low impact or ecotourism oriented, and focused on adventure tourism due to the variety of risk activities that can be carried out.

In Los Nacimientos you will find an environment surrounded by hills, and more than eight caverns each one of them uniquely different in its characteristics, formation and beauty. 

You will also be able to sail through two kilometres of subterranean river and to swim in either one of two pools of crystalline water roofed by natural rock. 

This last section of the Candelaria River is the most recommended by cavers to practice tubing (sail on inflatable pipes) almost all year long.


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